How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden in As Little as 2 Hours

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to brighten up your home. Bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside is a great way to reap the health benefits of nature right in your house. A succulent fairy garden is the perfect combination of magic and mother nature that every home needs.

To make a succulent fairy garden, you need to focus on things in the miniature. Collect small figurines that will display a tiny scene for your fairy to live in. Select small succulents that won’t overpower the fairy garden. Combine these things in a shallow dish, and put it in a well-lit place.

A fairy garden is an adorable addition to your windowsill or patio. In this article, we will discuss the materials and steps required to create a succulent fairy garden in as little as two hours.

Materials Needed to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden

To make a succulent fairy garden, you need some very cute ingredients such as:

  • A shallow pot or dish that will serve as the base of the fairy garden. Make sure that it has drain holes, as succulents need good drainage.
  • Two smaller pots to create levels in your garden
  • A potting mix like the Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Potting Mix
  • Succulent plants. A collection of different varieties and sizes. Use lots of small ones to make your garden have more detail.
  • Spray bottle full of water
  • Rocks and pebbles. A good variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for these as well.
  • A small spade or trowel. Even a kitchen spoon will work.
  • Fairy garden decorations and accessories. To decorate your garden and create a small scene.
  • A fairy is completely necessary for a fairy garden, of course.

Prepare Your Materials

If you want to make a fairy garden in less than two hours, the key is to lay out your materials so you can make the process as smooth as possible.

Unwrap all of your fairy decorations and organize your stones and succulents by size. This will make creating the scene for your fairy garden easier.

Clean Your Dish

Whatever dish or pot you have chosen to be the base for your fairy garden should be cleaned before you begin. This will ensure that no soil contaminants will get into your succulents and harm them.

To make sure that your succulents do not grow too large and disrupt your fairy garden decoration, you should choose a shallow dish. This will prevent the succulents from growing large roots and getting big.

Lay Your Soil

Next, lay your soil into the dish, filling it about halfway. Using the Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Potting Mix will ensure that your succulents have the right soil necessary to survive. 

According to HGTV, “Succulents have adapted to getting by with little water at a time. Their roots are very efficient at absorbing water quickly, and their stems and leaves are able to store this water for weeks or months at a time.”

That’s why choosing a well-draining soil is crucial to the survival of succulents.

Place Your Little Pots

After laying your first layer of soil, you need to place your smaller pots. Putting two smaller pots into your larger dish introduces different elements into your fairy garden. Fill these pots 2/3rds of the way with the potting soil and move onto the next step.

Create Your Fairy Scene

The next step in creating your succulent fairy garden is to add the fairies. It’s important to put in the decorations for your fairies before the succulents because these pieces might need to be in specific places. The succulents, however, can go anywhere.

There is no limit to what kind of scenes you can create for your fairies. Some popular vignettes are:

  • A fairy picnic
  • A fairy with animals
  • A fairy sitting by a pond
  • A fairy reading a book
  • A fairy sitting under a tree
  • A fairy creating her own little succulent garden

Be sure to create small scenes in each layer of the succulent garden. A fairy could sit under a tree in the highest pot, while two fairies have a picnic in the lower one. This will create unique moments throughout your fairy garden and give the viewer more details.

Succulent Fairy Garden with three Fairy scenes

Plant Your Succulents

Once you have your fairies and their accessories all placed, you can start to plant the succulents around them. Use your small trowel or spoon and make small bowls in the soil for each succulent that you plant.

You will probably want to plant succulents around the edges of each of the bowls. This will create a nice border and make the garden feel contained.

Spread the larger succulents out throughout the garden to encourage the eye to travel. By creating visual weight and direction, you control the flow of the viewer’s eye throughout the garden. Place a large succulent as the main feature in the pot of your choosing, and create a path leading up to it with pebbles. A fairy could sit under this succulent reading a tiny fairy book.

Lay Your Pebbles

Even though we are creating a succulent fairy garden, that doesn’t mean that every single inch should be covered with succulents and fairies. By leaving some space free for pebbles, we can create pathways and highlight the garden features without the small space being overwhelmed.

Use similar colored pebbles to create a fairy ring around a pond. Use flat pebbles to lay down a path that weaves throughout your scene, or leads up to your main focus tree. Feel free to be creative; this is a fairy garden, after all.

Water Your Garden

The next step in creating your garden is to water it. Fill your spray bottle with water that is neither hot nor cold. Spray the succulents generously, as being replanted can be very traumatic for plants, and watering them after will encourage them to settle in and grow new roots.

This will also allow you to wash any dirt off of your plants or your fairy accessories, which likely got there as you handled the soil and the materials.

Enjoy Your Fairy Garden

The next step in creating your fairy garden is enjoying it! Sit back, relax, and take in the magical scene that you have created. 

Now that you’ve spent so much time and effort creating your garden, we should discuss how to care for it.

Caring for Your Succulent Fairy Garden

There are some key things that your succulent fairy garden will need to survive.

  • Plenty of light. The number one thing that plants need to survive is light. Plants feed through photosynthesis, a process of turning sunlight into energy needed to grow. Succulents in particular love light, so your fairy garden’s best place is near a window, or outside altogether.
  • Water. Water is the next most important thing for plants. Too much or too little of it will kill them. Succulents are a desert plant, which means they are accustomed to long dry spells. That’s why succulents have such thick, lush leaves: they store water in their leaves for survival. Water your fairy garden every 1-2 weeks if it is indoors. If it is outside, watch if mother nature is providing the right amount of water.
  • Trimming. You will occasionally have to trim your succulent garden. Maybe once a year, cut off any dead leaves or overly extended branches.


If you followed all of the steps in this article, you should have a charming succulent fairy garden that is ready to enchant the world. If you take your time when creating your garden and care for it properly, it will remain lovely for years to come.

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